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It's time to RIDE
Woment Empowerment
More than Just a Ride!
Girl on Fire/ Crystal aka Baby Girl
The Female Rider
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It's time to RIDE

Woment Empowerment

Women Empowerment ??? There are many views regarding this Word.... Empowerment!!!
Empowering Others... Support Teams, Motivators and this list just go and on! But, why is it important that we as women need to have this  in our Lives???
Because just as the body needs Healthy Food to maintain a healthy living  so does the Soul need Positive  People to maintain a Healty Positive Mind!!  Positive People feeds the Soul! :)
Everyday Challenges, Responsibilities with Work, Families, Relationships, making sure everyone needs are met!

More than Just a Ride!

International Female Ride is this Friday May 3,2013.. So Grab your Girls and Ride:) Which brings me to the Joys of Riding with my sisters! Born in a family of  bikers from my Dad, Uncles and I had one Aunt who loved to Ride:)! Yes she rode her own back in the 70's. But it was not until 2009 when I purchased my own bike.
I thought how cool would this be, if I had other women to  ride with! And that is how the Journey began.... So my search began with Google to find women that ride in my Area.

Girl on Fire/ Crystal aka Baby Girl

Sister with a Throttle has teamed up with Crystal Dickerson Racing in the Initiative of Empowering Women! We are very Humbled and Grateful to have Crystal Dickerson on board! Great things are about to take place in our Communities! Please take the time and read our Interview that our very Own Public Relation Officer/ Sassi. Conducted with Crystal  on SWATLIGHTS!! This Girl is most def on FIRE!!!

The Female Rider

Female Riders, As a women we are faced with many challe
nges on a day to day basis! Mother, Wife, Sisters, Friends, and Careers! Maintaining the household and the list just goes on and on......Being able to balance it all and maintain sanity can become a bit overwhelming. For me my riding is Therapeutic!!!! It help with the everyday stressful days ahead and the ones that is left behind and just to be able to share this with a group of ladies that is able to relate! and most times you don't even have to say a word the bike do most of the talking!

Biker Girls Run

Sister With A Throttle has challange all women to make a stand on a Healthier, Sexier, More Confident You!! Thats right!! When we feed ourselves food thats good for the body it purifies the soul and shines on the outside!! Biker Girls Run.. Running is a proven fact to burn more calories, Lower Blood Pressure and Excellent for your mentality.. You see when a Person is running they dont have to be stressed! You are simply to busy trying to maintain Breathing(Joke) But running is great to relieve Stress!! Remember run at your own pace and as always visit your doctor and allow them to tell you what Work out is Best for you.. Dont forget your running shoes!! 

Moving Forward

Moving Forward is a source of Strength if one has been persecuted, lied on, abused, anything
that is hurtful  to another! Does not means the person or persons forgot that this or these events has taken place.
When someone is able to pick up the pieces and create stepping stones you now having building blocks underneath your feet:) This is a part of Growth! Spiritual, Physical as well as Mental!!! So when you hear SWAT say we are Moving Forward!! WE are moving in a Direction that is Led by God and that is Forward!! With Much Love and Respect for all!!! Inspite of :)

SWAT MC 2013 Calendars

Purchase your S.W.A.T 2013  BEAUTIES& BEAST Calendars Today!
 CALL 1-888-4 SWATMC EXT 3... Season Greetings from SWAT MC

Swats Toy Drive!

Its the Season of Giving!!!! :)  The time of year to help one that is less fortunate.  S.W.A.T M.C challange all to make this season and days ahead  Blessings to Many!!
At this time we are accepting New Toys, clothing, etc whatever the Lord allows you to do..
You can also donate money using our secured website through Paypal. Just say for Swat toy drive.
See any Swat Member  for assistance or  we can be reached  by calling 1-877 

Blessings of the Bikes

SWAT MC invites everyone to come out and support MS MOTO STEPS in a Blessed Event
Sunday  October 28,2012 1pm to 6pm @ New Horizon International Church Jackson ,Ms
This Event is one You dont want to Miss!! Come out Expecting a Blessing!!